Sunday, April 01, 2018

Oak Creek

Ive only had the Mark IV for a few weeks now but the moment I pulled the trigger and previewed my first playback image, I could immediately see a difference. 

I'm happy I didn't jump at the Canon 5Dsr as I was tempted after reading for months and months about this new Canon but I knew my laptop editing wouldn't handle the file sizes well. Going from 21 MPs in the Mark II to the 30 MP Mark IV has been effortless and will be a huge plus as I love to crop in close with my landscapes.

Did I say that I love this camera?

Last week, I grabbed Halo and the new camera, we headed up the canyon for a few days to work and play and mostly it rained. It was a short and sweet first outing to get to know the camera as we dodged in and out of storms. Right away I see the potential for a great relationship, it's lighter, larger LCD and the touchscreen...makes decision making so quick. I'm still learning about all the new upgrades and how to put them to use to serve my own personal vision. With a huge increase in light sensitivity I can explore night photography, something I just found frustrating with the Mark II's limited 6,400 ISO. The Mark IV swings in at 32,000 ISO in its native span but expandable to 50-102,400. With 7 FPS on tap vs 3 in the Mark II.

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