Monday, May 21, 2018

California Dreamin

Newport Beach Pier

15th Street
by the church.

 I spent most of my Summer on 15th Street in Newport Beach, as  kid, a teenager and a young adult.  Today, the breeze envokes the memories of delightful seemingly endless days of Summer. Much feels the same, although the taco stand is gone after all these years. The little store and surf shop are still there. Shivering on the dunes, dipping my taquitos in a lemony quac for breakfast, a memory that never fades even if the landscape does. 

In the air, the smell of coconut lotion, boardwalk cuisine and a light salty sea spray.  The gulls dive and screech, bike bells ring and the gritty sound of beach sandals plays like background music. Oh those lazy days. The sand warmed our towels and we drifting off while warming our wave battered bodies under the California sun. Pure exhaustion and euphoria. I'm was lost in the nostalgia of it all and I can't wait to return. 

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