Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Interview: Landscape Photography Magazine 2019

I ran into an ole friend the other day. We worked together in the medical field in Pediatrics some 17 years ago!  Since leaving, I'd seen her children grow up on social media and it was so cool to see them all in person, all grown.  As we were catching up, she says ..."and what about you and your photography!!"   When we worked together, I wasn't a photographer, I was a painter.  In fact, I painted the murals for the entire Pediatrics Center and got a big kick out of the whimsical nature of the art and how the kids reacted.  It was good times.

I said "Ya, Life's a trip heh?  Something that started as just trying to clean up my hiking blog. I kept wondering why my images didn't look like the images in Arizona Highways Magazine.  It frustrated me so I put my energy into learning how to photograph and it became an obsession.  Ironically, I would end being a contributor to Arizona Highways Magazine and as well as heir calendars.
We had a good laugh! Isn't that crazy.

Not in a million years would I think I'd be interviewed by Landscape Photography Magazine, but here we are.

My Interview

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  1. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, which we can welcome as a new path or throw up a barrier and miss an opportunity to expand our life's horizons.