Sunday, May 20, 2018

15th Street

Newport Beach, California
I've had this project in the back of my mind for literally years. 
My memories of Newport Beach are so endearing that I've wanted to see if I could capture why this place has had a lifelong impact.

The Beach

The smell of Coppertone and the chill of the "Early morning low clouds" on those sleepy Southern California mornings.  
My newly divorced mom drove a brand new Cougar and listened to the coolest tunes. A teacher by day and a full-time cool mom in the summer. Windows down.

She loaded us in her car and we languished in the long lazy days of her summer vacations. It was glorious. The days were long and we were tan. 

I just visited family in Orange County, my brother and I found our discussions leading to those day. The beach days. It was fun to reminisce then go out and try to capture the scenes that  I remembered. I found it to be pure joy. 

When I think of the happiest times in my life, Newport Beach is there. As my ode to Newport Beach, I begin this portfolio (shhh don't tell my brother) who btw has THE most comfortable bed in their guest room. Period. 

As I returned to photograph particular scenes that I remembered as a kid,  strangely things haven't really changed at all, all those years ago. That smell, the breeze, the parking, it's all still there. The little store is still there. My brother reminded me that it used to sell frozen Milky Way bars. Try eating those in fine sand. 

I stood with my camera and tripod on the very sidewalk my brothers and I sleepily followed my mom like little ducks in a row. Beach gear in tow and whole day ahead of us to just play in the surf and sand. Making forts and mots. Watching live ecosystems in a sand pail. 
Swimming, body surfing, rip tides rolling and pushing. 

Only coming back to our towels to warm up. The sweet warm sun on cold kid skin. Salty sea drops roll off my eyelashes and as soon as I stop shivering, I'm back out there. 


  1. I love this photograph, Valerie, and what wonderful memories of days gone by.

    1. Thanks Lisa! They are awesome memories!

  2. Hi Valerie, Thanks for sharing your memories. I love the image also.

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