Sunday, August 24, 2014

Field Of Dreams

“Every day brings us a chance to start over. We all have those stand down moments when we need to clear the way for truth and transformation. Sometimes those are painful moments. Though it’s hard to imagine, when you lose what you thought was a valued relationship, when the job that defined you for twenty years is gone, when the people you counted on turn their backs on you; you may actually be taking a step forward on the path to your truest desires and ultimately to your destiny. 

Perceived failure is just life trying to move us in a new direction. Even devastation is there to bring us closer to being more of who we are. In these moments when we still ourselves and listen, we are guided to our deepest truth to the next right step. That is grace my friends, and abundance. When we get quiet, more observant, more contemplative, and less reactive we can then find the gifts that are buried in every problem awaiting us. When we trust in the generosity of the ever present, releasing our fears, releasing our resistance, we can connect with the truth that every challenge really opens a new door bringing us closer to our destiny.” – Oprah