Friday, July 25, 2014


As a long time painter, I was often so moved by the works of others that it occasionally hampered my own creative efforts. I was hugely inspired by John Singer-Sargent's watercolors and his ability to manipulate the luminosity of his images and create stunningly vibrant scenes by his brilliant knowledge of warm and cool tones and where to lay them. The watercolorist in me was always a bit insecure, a difficult medium to conquer no doubt but Sargent was a hard act to follow. Eventually, as in all art forms, you become the most creative when you follow your own voice but there's much to be said for being inspired. He made me a much better painter. 

I'd seen a photograph awhile back and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to be there and see it for myself. I knew when I wanted to see and I did the homework and footwork to get there. I can't even explain that compelling driving force other than pure inspiration. There is nothing more sweet than that moment when you walk boldly up to a landscape that only previously existed in your mind as a fantasy. You suddenly become alive in your own fantastical life. It's a compelling moment often accompanied by tears, exhaustion, pride, sweat and blisters usually.

It's a defining moment when as a photographer you reach for something and your work desire and excitement allow to you to experience it. It truly becomes a gift, one we only borrow for a few seconds but carry with us for a lifetime. To me THIS is what my photography is all about, these moments.

I've posted my blog entry about the whole "story" behind this shot but what I've found the most enchanting about it all, is that the images I walked away with on camera are almost exactly ….exactly as they were in my mind before I'd ever seen it.

That's magic.