Monday, May 12, 2014

Not So Long Ago

Thank you Arizona Highways Magazine for the image feature on the latest blog post.

I didn't even recognize the image as my own but was really surprised and happy to see it featured. Thanks to Arizona Highways Magazine, whose staff have been incredibly generous and supportive of my work. 

It reminded me of a great story that went with the photo. This is one of my VERY first photos with my little Canon Rebel 450D and I only had one lens, a Sigma 17-70mm. To me, my gear was priceless, I'd saved up for a long time to own this gear and I loved my camera dearly. 

This was the summer of 2011 and the first as a photographer. I walked in here in the dark and sat alone on the rock ledges, waiting for the first hint of sunrise. I set my tripod up where I knew I wanted to shoot and then walked a few feet down the canyon to get my backpack. When I grabbed my gear and turned around my tripod was gone.  I thought I had lost my mind, it was just here. I walked up and down Slide Rock looking for it.  To my horror, my tripod was so cheap and light that it "blew" over with one big wind gust and landed in a fairly deep pool . I search around to find a long stick to fish it out but it was in pretty deep water. It was  early, cold and windy or I would have jumped in to get it.  As it was, I was already underdressed and I wouldn't have faired well.  I had to leave.  I drove to Cottonwood to a Walmart to get another tripod and drove all the way back.

When I came back the park was all touristy crowded and some kids had fished out my tripod and dressed it up like a human, complete with clothing and a hat. I pretended like we didn't know each other, my old tripod and I. I felt a tinge of shame but it had to be. My tripod had now become a "straw man". It looked like it was having much more fun with its new life anyway and had already been replaced so I let the kids have him. 

I didn't even own Lightroom or shoot RAW, I edited my images with the Corel software that I used in my art-world.

I did manage to catch the sunrise reflecting off the canyon walls and on to the water at Slide Rock, so all was not lost. Really, not much has changed. I'm still drawn towards finding those moments of beautiful light. Seems like I'm always standing and waiting in the cold and the dark.  I still drop my "parts" all over the southwestern landscapes but the gear has changed a bit.

I couldn't resist a re-edit with Lightroom. 
Even though it's not a RAW image. I now shoot with a used Canon 5D Mark II. 

Even this image is a bit outdated. 
I have an Induro Carbon Tripod now. 
Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Lens
Singh Ray Vari-n-Duo Lens

Lee's Big Stopper and assorted Grads and more batteries!!!