Saturday, November 23, 2013

“He's of the colour of the nutmeg. And of the heat of the ginger.... he is pure air and fire; and the dull elements of earth and water never appear in him, but only in patient stillness while his rider mounts him; he is indeed a horse, and all other jades you may call beasts.” Shakespeare

Editing these images brings me back to a place and time and I can relive the moment. Probably why I enjoy the editing process so much. 

I remember the varied hues of the very fine adobe-colored sand and what it felt like to walk on it and touch it. The desert scrub brush, the smell of the heavy air and constant cold wind. Every once and awhile the sun would break through and illuminate the desert with patchy highlights.

Home now, sitting at the computer with my coffee near and listening to the rain outside as I edit, I realize my photographs are changing and becoming a bit more influenced by the painters I'm enamored with.

When I see this image, I think of the painter Tim Cox. Arizona native and western landscape painter who's works continually leave me speechless. His compositions, mood and lighting have captured my fascination and crept into my compositional thought processes...and I couldn't be happier about it.