Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Ghost Dog:

For the most part, you'll never see my silent partner in my images. 
My hiking partner, my faithful companion, my partner in crime and fig newton enthusiast, 
my border collie,

She's usually off to the side waiting at the waters edge...
awaiting a signal that it's "ok" to move or swim.

I know all faithful, well-trained, well-meaning dogs have their weaknesses, 
( just like their owners). 
A moment when you just say....
well, you know what you say...
and you abandon all good reasoning and just ....
let go!!. 

In this case, it was a chipmunk and the chase was on, albeit, a short one. 
And the moment was all caught up in the few seconds of my timer. 

Like friends do, the moment of transgression and weakness was forgiven and all is well. 
I wish my "weaknesses" were as simple as a mere chipmunk.
I seem to chase larger more complex creatures.