Sunday, October 13, 2013


As I ran from place to place yesterday, I was thinking about how on weekends I often feel I work harder than during the week. Mostly, I'm in a perpetual state of planning my next escape and that's all good, but...

I'd been up early hiking with the dog. Then in search of thermal underclothes, emissions testing, bookstore, oil change and tires checked. Finally, I ended up at the car wash and as I lifted the back of the SUV I saw this.  

A little leaf had come home with me from Colorado and it stopped me in my tracks. Such a strange effect this little remnant of another place, another time had. 

From just a few weeks ago when all I did was explore and roam and wonder over the autumn colors. Brought me right back to the back roads and coffee houses, the farms, the cold, the cabin, all the while standing in a noisy dirty carwash in the grey city. 

I can't explain why it halted me in my tracks but it did. Suddenly, I was awash in sentimentality and left in an melancholic stupor.  Superwoman all day and now aimless. So, I finished the car and decided to STOP with list of "things to do" and just
Just BE.

I ended up at Harkins theater, bought a ticket for one and watched "Gravity" (I'll never complain about a bad hike again)  Empowering film!  Headed off to my favorite Starbucks patio to relax and watch the city life wind down and dim. 

Contemplate the meaning of the little things, the little "signs" like the little leaf.  Which, btw, I left right where I found it.