Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Narrows Of Zion

I've struggled to define my experience hiking the Zion Narrows as I've had few experiences so profound. It was an absolute gift to be able to have spent the amount of solitary time I had here in the morning hours this week. I often stood awed and in a complete state of humbleness, reveling in the very moment. Often stopping to look behind me with a bit of disbelief as to my own comings and goings. Suddenly your own life becomes bigger than the character you play.

Physically challenging at times and footing that requires constant mental awareness in order to protect my camera gear. Most of the hike is in water often waist deep and contatntly flowing over large often slippery boulders. 
This was the first photo I shot inside the canyon.

What I found was the most amazingly soft bounce light on the canyon walls and reflected water. At times, the slot canyon walls were so steep that, in the interior it became quite dark, then around the next corner I would see this ethereal glow beckon me around one more and then one more... It's one of those hikes that becomes metaphoric in a way. I'd hoped as I left I'd done some justice to the light but mostly I came away knowing a lot more about myself than when I went in. 
That's a pretty heavy trip!