Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Warm Breeze

The days are starting to warm and the calendar confirms we must bid farewell to Winter.  This does cast a minor melancholy mood. This passing Winter was no doubt most memorable. I was able to hike and witness the Fall colors around Zion National Park give way to dusty white scenes among spectacular canyon colors, exciting exploratory hiking, frosty farms and frozen rivers.  

I spent Thanksgiving around a campfire to the sounds of wild turkey, I saw the New Year ring in with fireworks at Bryce Canyon as the snow fell.

Bryce Canyon in a full blown Winter storm left me simply in awe and wanting to return this Spring to witness and photograph the hoodoos aglow with a warm setting sun. Standing at the bank of the Sevier River all silver and slick with ice, listening to the sounds of the frozen river moan and grind through the Southern Utah wintry white farmlands.  Spectacular grand landscapes and yet during the Winter months extremely isolated and quiet.  I'll never forget the feeling of standing out in these areas photographing with ne'er a person in sight, perhaps only cows for hours at a time and feeling so at peace and at the same time so happy to be out among such landscape perfection. I'll never forget this passing Winter that gave me so much inspiration. 

So the chill is leaving the air and landscapes are now turning green. Back to reveling in the warm breezes that dance through your hair and outdoor patios with coffee-loving friends.  Long pants and snow spikes are shelved and replaced by shorts and sandals. The morning air smells sweet now. My mind drifts toward wild flower hunting, green enchanted forests and wondering what those beautiful Winter farms would look like with green pastures.  

My mind wanders....it must be Spring.