Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's A Dog's Life

 My dog and I are hiking partners and I've come to rely on her instincts a great deal.
There is no doubt that we share a complex communication system. In truth, she is
actually quite brilliant (Border Collie).
She walks a few steps ahead of me, but often turns around to check on me.
I've come to know when another animal or a human is around by her
alerts.  I can also tell, if it's an animal, whether it's serious, like a coyote or a
rattlesnake or something large as opposed to something she may just chase like
a lizard.  I don't allow her to chase rabbits or squirrels.
Cats are O.K

It never even occurs to me,
 throughout our day that I'm not communicating with a person.
It's so effortless.
She asks permission to swim before she jumps.
She knows by my signals when we both are in the water
not to move AT ALL...when I'm shooting.
Many of my very very still water shots have included
me and my the water.
You'd never know it.

Sometimes, especially when I'm sitting down in front of my
tripod, surveying a shot or composition, she will
come over and put her head under my arm
either for affection or to
"say something".

Today, on my outing, I waxed a bit philosophical.  Feeling tender and
moved by the sunrise. Thinking about my life and what my next
chapter will be. Feeling grateful and at peace.
She came up and nuzzled under my arm
with her face right in mine.

And I knew exactly what she was saying.

"you have fig newtons in your backpack"

Dogs are not philosophical.