Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Sonoran Desert: Alive

My life and photography are all about living in the Sonoran desert among the saguaro and javelina, the coyote and quail. 
The desert has a unique kind of beauty: vast, sparse, ancient, and enduring.
 I love the spectacular sunsets and the spicy smell of the creosote shrub after a long-needed rain. I admire the resilience and hardiness of desert  which still somehow manages to reveal a fragile delicate side now and then when the wildflowers lay down
 and blanket their color in a fleeting season. 

Photographing the desert for me this last year has been a huge challenge. It's an
area I'd like to work on more, strive this next year to improve compositionally.

The desert can be moody and dramatic, hot and cold, dry or deluged,
 barren or bursting in wildflowers and life.
Splashed with an amazing palette of colors at any given season,
 I've yet to ever witness the desert landscape to be  barren or unbeholding.

It's rich with life, alive with the sounds and songs that play in the early morning hours and before the desert sleeps. 
It's a fascinating journey of life cycles and season changes.
It is my backyard.