Saturday, August 22, 2015

Published: Outdoor Photographer Magazine, September 2015

Photography for me is about satisfying a creative nature and also about experiencing some pretty amazing sights. I love every bit of the process from the conception of a curiosity, dreaming of a place to experience on a personal level and then finding myself there.  

Each new experience changes me and I see that change as an evolution of sorts. It compels me to "see" more and be more. I use the camera to frame a moment and a place in time. I use the photos to walk you through the story...of the things I love and the days  and places that mattered. 

AlI I ever want from my photography is the joy that it brings to my life.  I don't ask for anything else. 

It's a great feeling to see my work in print and feel recognized by those I admire, but more importantly to share with love and respect how incredibly beautiful our planet is and how much we should cherish it. 

Published; Outdoor Photographer Magazine, September 2015 issue.

Thanks man!