Wednesday, April 01, 2015

I Feel The Sun....

I've been mindful of a great expanse of emotions.
 I've been awed and I've been terrified. Seen monsters and miracles. 
Breathlessly excited and down to counting my last breath.
 Been deeply in love and even deeper in loss. 
When this existence is over should I be asked, Where did you find your wonderment?

I would say, I found it on a deserted and frozen sand dune.
 I looked around when I was alone and cold 
and as the dark sky began to glow with hues of elusive warmth, 
I forgot my woes. 
The shivering was replaced by a warm euphoria 
and I felt baptized by the light of a star that came all that way just to shine on me
 as I realized I had a place in the cosmic order of it all.

I closed my eyes because of all the things I've felt in my life, 
nothing compared to the warming  promises of the sun
 who asks not for whom it shines, 
it just shines.