Monday, August 17, 2015

“Privacy - like eating and breathing - is one of life's basic requirements.” ― Katherine Nevill

What I've come to realize in photography is that the nature of the relationship between the landscape and the photographer is a very private one, sacred perhaps.

 The deep earthy roar of thunder as the weather moans and gives warning conjures up all those past storms from childhood to present. Like your life playing out before you in vivid tangible memories. Perched high on a cliff with the wind moving wildly in your hair as the sky darkens and a primordial drama unfolds before you. Touch it and you'll be moved to tears. Comes to grips with the journey here and now and let the thoughts swirl around in your head as haphazardly as the spring storm. 

It's partly this that compels me to wander towards it. To be awakened, to be afraid, to be drenched, to be cold and tired but to witness exquisite things. Whispers from the earth begin to make sense when the mind is quiet and your world is private.