Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sands Of Time

The rain was relentless as I made my way up the coast of California and before It got too dark I needed a place to camp. I found a campsite within very close walking distance to this little cove. I spent quite a bit of time here sitting on the edge of this little cliff that I'm photographing from. 

I walked all around the tide pools and rock jetties in the rain as well. One morning, I woke and came to find the rain let up a bit as another storm was approaching. The host couple at the campsite were the only other people camping there besides me and in the morning as I walked past them, they handed me a cup of coffee and off to the cliff ledge I headed to sit and collected my thoughts.

In the meantime, I became fascinated with the little old man who spent hours and hours here collecting shells on the beach. (Lower left, green shorts) I admired his singular focus and determination at whatever it was that he was trying to accomplish. He searched and picked and discarded various sea shells with great passion and intent. The more I watched, the more I thought.

Should I, in the golden years of a life come to find myself with all the time in the world to do anything. I should be quite happily content to spend my time searching for the perfect sea shell. Seemed reasonable to me.