Sunday, July 28, 2013


My greatest aspiration as a photographer is connecting with the landscape and conveying that in my work. 
I do this best alone. It's personal. It's mine.
The connection is ephemeral, capricious even. But when it's there, I know it. It's deeply rewarding. 
It shows in the photographs because it comes from the heart.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Sedona Summer

I love that I live so close to so many captivating places to explore. 
I'll get up in the dark, pack a cooler with drinks and food for the day.  
Grab a drive thru coffee and go.

I may or may not have a plan or a destination, that part I love.
 Eventually, I'll find myself sitting someplace exquisite and thinking how 
fortunate I am to be there. 

I'll photograph and then find a place to sit 
 contemplate, sort out, organize and search for the meaning in it all.
Give up, give a sigh, and repeat the process.
This is one of my favorite hiking and photography areas. 
In and around Oak Creek in Sedona, Az 

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Every turn presented a new vision of light and color.
 The sheer height of the canyon walls makes you small.
All I can hear is the sound of my own breathing and the slight tumble of water.
There is an immense sense of peace in feeling  my own insignificance here.
 The burdens of the world fall away when all that this, right now.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hiking The Zion Narrows

Warm sandy passages, swirling pools of turquoise that play under ancient sandstone towers. Every turn becomes a different world, every bend a different time and place and when you walk're a different person

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Boys Of Summer

As I was leaving the Narrows hike in Zion National Park, this beautiful canyon light caught my eye.  Even though I was tired, wet, sandy and my feet had taken a beating, I had to photograph this.  I dropped my gear and set up my camera and tripod. 

 As soon as I started to shoot, I noticed I had company. Rounding the corner, came a large group of very young boy scouts.  At first they didn't see me but then a few noticed I was set up and pointing my camera in their direction. Of course they all started "falling" in the water. As they passed by me, they would impishly ask "Did you get a picture of me falling?"

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Watercolor-like paintings and intricate patterns adorn perpendicular walls thousands of feet high. Trickles of water-fed hanging gardens are suspended high above the canyon floor. I'm captivated by the hauntingly soft light as it comes in directly overhead and "spotlights" this scene in an eerie fashion. 

Sound inside is slightly amplified as the walls close in. The sound of your own presence is distinct yet shared with the natural music that has played for millions of years here.
 In this moment, I am the melody,
life is in harmony.

“She wanted to write about something other then love. Yet her freethinking pen seemed more adhered to her heart then to her head. A battle she never felt worth fighting.” 
C.J. Ginger

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Find Your Own Light

“When you get to the end of all the light you know and it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.” 

Edward Teller

Monday, July 01, 2013


Photo by J. Lewis

She didn't belong anywhere and she never really belonged to anyone. And everyone else belonged somewhere and to someone. People thought she was too wonderful. But she only wanted to belong to someone. People always thought she was too wonderful to belong to them or that something too wonderful would hurt too much to lose. And that's why she liked him-- because he just thought she was crazy.” 

― C. JoyBell C.