Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I Live To Leave

I live to leave. Every part of a new adventure I get excited about. The planning, the anticipation, packing, early hours on the road. Seeing the sunrise on a landscape never seen before. Schlepping my gear around exploring streams, creeks, waterfalls, leaves, light and color.

Dressed in layers and layers. Wind chill and chilled fingers. Cold nights in a dark tent. Curious animals outside my thin home. 

Blissfully exhausted, bruised, gritty and sand everywhere (how did I get sand in my long underwear?) making my way home  

REI, B&H Photo and a bad dorm-room laundry dysfunction all collided in my room. Camera gear needs to be cleaned and moved from one pack to another. Camping gear cleaned and repacked and ready at a moments notice. Laundry warm fragrant and folded.

Photos stored, saved, studied, mentally composed purposely slowing the editing process. No rush, no hurry, savor and relive each moment. Close your eyes and remember...the feel of that sand, the color of that amazing water, the sounds of the village and people I shared laughter with. Early morning canyon filled with the aroma of pinion pine burning. Village horses wandering, befriending the local dogs. A lifestyle that tugs a bit at the heart.

Home. Clean hair, scented lotion, less layers and pile of pink sand in my carport. My dog missed me. A toasty holiday strewn Starbucks with my warm brew and Jack's new book. 

What more could a girl want?