Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas to all. 

As this year comes to an end and I reflect on all the days done by, 
I have a wish.

I wish 

to focus my attention, my passion and my direction toward the light. 
The light in the landscapes, the light and warmth that's welcomed on a cold hike, 
the inward illumination of a kind gesture, a kind word, kind thoughts,
the lightness of being. 

I wish 

to make room in my heart only for love, appreciation and gratitude. 
I release my heart from all that burdened,
regret, sorrow, secrets, sadness and the constant question of 

I wish 

to function in a state of refined clarity.
I wish to see the world and people in it as they truly are
without imposing my own beliefs or prejudice or false light. 
I wish to believe in myself enough to know that I can
handle anything that comes my way with a stronger heart,
a clearer vision and new found sense of 

I wish 

to leave behind the imprint of the unkind. 
Those who under guise and under direction
 crept in and sought to do harm. 
I wish you find your own light but know that 
you wont distinguish mine.
I know you'll follow me into the new year 
but I won't see you.
Your light is too dim. 

I wish 
to strengthen my convictions, 
stay firm on my definition of success
and my sense of self. 
Drive myself to be the best, 
yet only compete with my own last short-coming
 and no one else's.
Celebrate and admire the successes of others. 

I wish 

to embrace this next year with enthusiasm,
 passion, hard work, good heath and good friends.

It's going to be an amazing year.

Count on it.