Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dreams Are Calling...An Arizona Winter

I'd never seen the Enchanted Forest like this before as many years as I've hiked here. It was visually intricate and full of contrasts.  Walking in, no one else on the trail, breathtakingly almost hauntingly ~ beautiful. Wanting to be lost in it, it became a different time and place, the landscape still and serene. Scene after scene of pure perfection, untouched snow, perfect icicles, the frozen creek that moaned and cracked.

The sounds of the icicles dripping and the howl and hum of the trees as the remnant of the storm passed by.  An occasional snow flurry now and then. The heartbeat of the forest.
I crave these moments, knowing with certainty that these things are real and true 
and have meaning.  So much of the world now happens in a virtual reality that I find myself 
wanting to be here. 
Shut down, cancel and walk away. 
This is real life.