Sunday, November 11, 2012


"Some dreams, are in the night time.
And some seem like yesterday.
But leaves turn brown and fade.
Ships sail away.
You long to say a thousand words but...
Seasons Change"

I start everyday by admiring and marveling over hundreds of photos of other photographers, gaining inspiration and focus, asking questions and leaving words of admiration when possible.

In between shooting yesterday, I was surveying my literally hundreds of embedded catci spines that I'm sporting as a new fashion statement after a recent off trail meeting of the minds, this cactus and myself.  It only hurts when I wear clothing.  I was kind of laughing at the situation as I often pay the price of incurable wanderlust but I pay, willingly.

I was thinking about where this long obsession I have for "heading out" came from and I remembered that as a kid of maybe eleven or so, I packed up and ran away from home once ( actually I did it more than once).  Thinking back on it now, some of my planning was pretty sophisticated but nonetheless the reasoning was appropriately childlike and idealistic.  I had a dream, a quest, a vision.

I'd decided, I was to live out the rest of my days in Disneyland.  At that time, Disneyland was probably about 5 miles away and I knew how to get there.  I set into motion my plan.  I packed, and grabbed my younger brother because he had money and a sense of adventure. Living in the city, we had decided that we would make "camp" on the roofs of elementary schools.  We settled in the first night, atop our own elementary school.  It was surprisingly clean and warm and we, with our lantern glowing sat and talked about our new life and our new home.   As night fell, we decided to climb down and walk to the gas station to get some snacks. We were picked up by the police, promptly taken back home, ending the trip but for me, not the "dream".

Fast-forward and I was at the gym and had my headphones on and clicked on a link to listen to Susan Boyle's  "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and was so incredibly moved by it as I remembered her dream. I became so moved by the song, in tears, I left my workout.

 If you've ever seen her audition video, (google it)  you'll know that there is no one more suited to sing "over the rainbow" than her. This older, sort of frumpy looking woman, struts on the stage and proceeds to leave a whole audience speechless, then they rise to their feet after having so gravely misjudged her. I was so moved by the beauty of the song and the sheer happiness of her success. Hearing how much her brilliant voice had become so soft and flawless since I'd seen her almost humiliating world debut.  She dared to dream an impossible dream, she dared BIG. A true testament that in all of us is a little bit of a miracle. But you'll never find it, if you don't have a dream. Even among those who humiliate, judge and try to drag you down,  stand true.

I've realized that part of growing , part of the process of self-actualization and part of what I find  SO admirable and fine and of decent character is having  the ability to "celebrate" the success of others.  When true happiness of someone's "dream come true" replaces envy and disdain and jealousy...I think you've freed yourself, your mind, your heart...

"And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true."

Take a few minutes out of your day today to listen to this awesome rendition