Monday, August 27, 2012

Canyon X

Canyon X

After several days of what I'll call "The Great Southwest Adventure",
 my reluctant and melancholic limp back into city girl life has me a bit sad.
  Blackcurrant Fig body lotion, clean and shiny
hair sitting at Starbuck's patio this morning with Halo reflecting of the last 4 days.

It hit when I drove into Phoenix, the concrete buildings and mindless hum of
life in the city. Every part of me is kicking and screaming to reject it.
But this isn't a fairy tale this is civilization and
 tomorrow it's back to reality, back to city girl life.
Back to me planning the next escape from it.
I see a pattern here.

The last few days have been about freedom,
the spirit and adventure of the great Southwest landscapes,
unimaginable beauty, sights, sounds, textures, smells.
 Like exploring Canyon X,
the feel of the sandstone walls, the musty smell, cracked and patterned mud. 
 Beautiful cascades of warm rich light and soft beautiful sand under your feet.
In my head, I'm asking, 
 "am I really here?"
I close my eyes and I can hear the sounds of footsteps on the sand,
slightly muffled, muted echo effect of the canyon walls.
Feel the damp from the last monsoon rain.

Getting a taste of the life of the "landscape paparazzi". Buzzing around, looking for
the best light, living out of your car (don't feel sorry, it's amazingly comfy)
chasing the storms, being at the right place at the right time.
None of any of which I'm good at, but I'm learning ...
I'm following some talented footsteps,
it's a lifestyle I'm starting to fall deeply in love with.

Everything I love about photography,
 patterns, lines and light and every compositional
challenge you can think of presented.
  At times, I had to just walk away and let the sensory overload dissipate, 
 get lost in watching a couple of lizards chase each other along the canyon walls.

Landscape photography, is often a waiting game, and many hours can be spent
with nothing else to do but reflect (while waiting for the light or...) on life...
I've come to love those moments as well, it forces your life to slow down...
forces you to explore your heart and your head. I've already known these moments to
have life altering epiphanies and the emergence of a new and ever evolving view of life.
Nurturing  the ever-evolving work in progress